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January 9, 2021

Understanding What it Means to Partner with MedHaul

What this means for Transportation companies

MedHaul serves as the bridge between your already-established transportation company and large healthcare institutions, putting your business on the fast track to growth and success.    

Our brand is your recognition. Working with MedHaul not only increases your visibility in the community, but also promotes trust through familiarity.  

Local transportation companies have already seen direct economic benefits from rides booked through MedHaul and reduced vehicle vacancy rates.                    

What this means for Healthcare Providers

MedHaul reduces the operational burden on healthcare providers by giving them a single point of contact to a pool of non-emergency medical transportation options with specialized accomodations for patients with varying needs. MedHaul ensures that all transportation providers and their drivers are vetted and verified for the safety of your patients and high quality of their transportation experience.

What this means for Riders

Through their healthcare provider organizations, MedHaul creates a no-hassle reliable and patient-centered experience getting riders to and from their destinations with ease. Riders with transportation needs as it relates to seeking medical care can inform their providers about MedHaul for potential service offerings.

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MedHaul provides access to quality, inclusive transportation services for often overlooked populations, improving their quality of life and care.

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