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September 7, 2023

How MedHaul is Closing the Gap

The effort to efficiently address social determinants of health (SDoH) is resulting in hospitals, health systems, and other care delivery organizations embracing initiatives that seek to eradicate one of the largest barriers experienced by patients in healthcare- that is, transportation accessibility. 

At MedHaul, we are proud to play a part in addressing the transportation barriers many are faced with on a daily basis. With our services, healthcare providers can now schedule one-time or recurring non-emergency medical transportation (NEMT) for inbound or outbound patients. We feel this is superior to the typical manually driven process of managing patient transportation via spreadsheets or relying on telephone communications, which can generally be time intensive, non-transparent, costly, and not accommodating to the specialized needs of certain patient groups. Through MedHaul, the following ride types are supported: ambulatory (with and without assistance needed), wheelchair (bariatric and non-bariatric), and stretcher (bariatric and non-bariatric).

MedHaul has already made a significant impact on the communities they serve, notably low and no-income persons that were forced by lack of option to use high-cost emergency services for non-emergent reasons. A non-emergent ambulance ride was costing these community members upwards of $1,000.00 per ride. With MedHaul, the cost is significantly reduced in our subscription-based pricing model.

With MedHaul’s help, not only are these communities seeing expanded access to healthcare related services, but also less wait time which is an invaluable convenience to patients who simply need to fill a perscription or for an organization wanting to enhance their discharge processes. Where 3-4 hours in a waiting room or giving 2-3 days notice was the norm, MedHaul is able to instead facilitate on-demand (same day) requests in as soon as 30 minutes in most cases! Our platform also allows the flexibility of scheduling requests in advance if an upcoming appointment is being planned for.

Transportation is a critical component of healthcare delivery. While current state NEMT programs offer vital services for their beneficiaries, there are challenges in meeting specific needs, and at MedHaul we are geared toward eliminating these challenges to create a stress-free solution for all involved parties. There is a clearly growing interest among healthcare organizations, transportation companies, states, and the patients and riders being served for innovative solutions that simplify NEMT in order to close the transportation gap.  MedHaul looks forward to expanding and positively impacting even more communities in 2021.

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MedHaul provides access to quality, inclusive transportation services for often overlooked populations, improving their quality of life and care.

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