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A solution for health systems and healthcare providers.

MedHaul is the solution for the healthcare organization who wishes to streamline and optimize their transportation scheduling and management processes.

Utilizing MedHaul helps healthcare organizations realize impactful cost savings through improved operational efficiencies.  Improve patient’s access to care through a robust reliable network of transportation providers while simultaneously  reducing the number of no-shows for clinicians.  All of this is centralized in our easy to use, HIPAA compliant MedHaul transportation platform that offers 24/7/365 real-time live customer support for added peace of mind and direct access to real time data reporting.

MedHaul's Impact

MedHaul rides can be scheduled and completed typically under 90 minutes from request (compared to extensive wait times and 2-3 days advance notice required for arranging typical non-emergency rides outside of MedHaul).

A trip to the hospital costs approximately $1,000 per ambulance ride for non-emergent transportation. Using MedHaul can yield savings of up to 94% per trip.

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Cancer Care

MedHaul understands how vitally important cancer care is to patients and their families.  With strong partnerships across renowned cancer institutions nationwide, for adults and children alike, we bridge the transportation gap. Whether it's a short trip to local treatment or a cross-country journey, MedHaul stands by to provide round-the-clock transportation solutions, breaking down barriers to quality cancer care irrespective of location or circumstance.

By collaborating closely with cancer hospitals and research centers, we free up hospital leaders and clinicians to focus on what truly matters: saving lives. Expect reduced missed, late, and no-show appointments, translating to dependable cancer care access and improved health outcomes when you choose MedHaul as your partner.

Maternal and Fetal Care

In the various communities we serve, we have witnessed first hand the devastating effects of expectant mothers being forced to forego needed pre and post-natal care when they are unable to afford transportation, have no access to public transportation, or have no access to a reliable vehicle. MedHaul is honored to be making a difference in the world of mothers and their unborn/newborn babies.

Through providing reliable transportation, we are doing our part to drive down infant mortality rates which are seen to be higher in more impoverished areas.   MedHaul is honored to be such an important part of this mission and look forward to expanding our presence in this area.

Kidney Care / Dialysis Care

Everyday dialysis centers are plagued with problems caused by lack of reliable transportation. Appointments are missed, patients arrive too late for their appointment or are left stranded at the clinic after dialysis because their ride did not show.  Many times, the dialysis clinics don’t even know which companies are causing the problems because there are so many different companies coming and going.

MedHaul successfully solves these issues by centralizing non-emergency transportation onto a single, real-time platform. Dialysis clinics are now able to use our single source platform to set-up and track all of their non-emergency transports in one place – in real time. Appointments can be booked same day or months in advance and are stored on the platform upon completion for you to refer back to later if needed. MedHaul ensures smooth, stress-free non-emergency transportation.

Clinical Research and Trials

Research by Atlant Clinical suggests as many as 40% of patients drop out of clinical trials before completion.  MedHaul will eliminate many of those drop-outs by providing access to reliable transportation to necessary appointments.  

Additionally, using MedHaul can increase diversity within trials by making them more accessible to all demographics regardless of location and socio-economic status.  MedHaul is intentional with our  focus on underserved and often overlooked communities in an effort to increase access to healthcare and clinical trials.  

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