MedHaul is a Certified B Corporation. Read more about what that means here.

Our mission is your mission.

Providing safe, cost-effective and reliable healthcare transportation to all people.

Our impact has been widely supported.

MedHaul is a
Certified B Corporation.

Being an officially Certified B Corporation helps us continue to chase our mission and serve our community more than ever.

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Our story.

Founded in the heart of the Memphis Medical District, MedHaul was inspired by our founder’s difficult experience with booking non-emergency transportation for her grandmother, a Type 2 Diabetic double leg amputee.

She discovered a lack of innovative solutions for transportation access to healthcare for communities that are often overlooked, inspiring her to start MedHaul.

Our mission behind what we do.

Our mission is to innovate access and improve the quality of care in our most vulnerable communities.

For people with reduced mobility due to age, ability, and income, having access to transportation makes a huge difference to quality of life. MedHaul closes the transportation gap and provides compassionate solutions for the people who need them most.

Our core values.

Learn about what keeps us going every day here at Medhaul.


We use operational and population health data to optimize the patient transportation experience through health informatics, analytics, and population health best practices.


We’re driven by empathy and focus on a triple bottom line: profit, people, and purpose. We serve as a conduit between multiple communities - healthcare providers, transportation workers, and vulnerable populations - creating a unique solution that empowers the entire community to better health.


Having access to transportation can mean the difference between individuals safely managing their health at home, or costly unnecessary visits to an emergency room. We’re here to close the transportation gap and provide compassionate solutions to keep vulnerable populations in better health.