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Data Collection and Oversight in top 3 challenges for NEMT

Data collection, an integral component of healthcare quality metric improvement, is often a missing piece in a review of NEMT programs.

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Free medical transportation is now considered a value-based care best practice! Yes!

Free medical transportation is now considered a value-based care best practice! California is setting a standard we all should follow!

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Transportation barriers lead to rescheduled or missed appointments, delayed care, and missed or delayed medication use...

Transportation barriers may lead to poorer management of chronic illness and thus poorer health outcomes.  MedHaul is working to eliminate these barriers!  Very interesting article.

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1 in 5 calls to 911 is a mistake...

Too many people call 911.  1 in 5 calls is a mistake.  RADAR is going to be an amazing program for Memphis!

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Patient dies after leaving hospital, via taxi.

Taxis are a great mode of transportation, but they, and other shared-ride services are not always appropriate for patients. 

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Crowded waiting rooms are better than empty seats...

Doctors often double-book their calendars because it’s better to have crowded waiting rooms than empty seats from skipped appointments...

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Researchers add Social Determinants of Health to EHR
MMDC Competition Winners Look to Improve Medical District Efficiency