Innovating access and improving quality of care for our most vulnerable communities  ...

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Failing to efficiently manage patient transit costs our communities more than we think. 


Why Access Matters

  Nearly 48% of all Americans have at least one chronic disease, and it is estimated that number will increase to 49% by 2025, totaling to just over $6,000 per patient in health care coverage costs.  

Although some chronic diseases like diabetes, high blood pressure and asthma can be managed through regular physician visits, 4 million adults and children miss medical appointments each year, because they don’t have a ride.


Many medical transportation inefficiencies occur largely because of the lack of access to suitable transit coupled with cantiquated workflows of scheduling and managing rides for patients. 

Social Determinants of Health

As one of the primary social determinant of health, access to appropriate transportation can mean the difference between safely managing your health at home, or costly unnecessary visits to an emergency room.

Intersection of Technology and Healthcare

In the last decade, major advances have been made in healthcare technology.  MedHaul is helping health organizations to deliver positive quality outcomes, utilizing emerging technology to help our communities better understand and effectively use medical logistics.

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The Solution

MedHaul offers cloud-based software solutions that ease the laborious and costly burdens of managing patient transportation.

Hospitals, patients, and medical transportation providers now have the convenience to book medical transportation to or from various locations, while streamlining the management of day-to-day transportation operations.


MedHaul's primary goal is to help healthcare organizations manage this huge social barrier that drastically effects patient outcomes.


How It Works

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Who can use MedHaul?

With a basic internet connection, anyone can schedule a wheelchair, stretcher or just a regular ride to the doctor's office or hospital. We are built to serve the needs of all patients, transportation companies, hospitals, clinics, nursing homes, and assisted living facilities.

Why MedHaul? Why now?

MedHaul is for healthcare by healthcare. Our focus is the patient, healthcare organization, and the community. We take an “everybody wins” approach. By providing a clinical and population health-focused system to manage transportation, we help patients get the care they need. Ultimately, hospitals save time and money, and get access to quality, safe transportation. We also help local transportation providers keep their businesses and improve their customer satisfaction.  MedHaul is committed to social impact in healthcare.  We saw the B Corp certification as an opportunity to publically measure our impact in healthcare's most vulnerable communities.  It also provides a good benchmark for us as we aim to continue the reach of our efforts across the Southeast United States.

The world doesn’t really need just another transportation application. The world needs a more efficient transportation platform that focuses on clinical care transitions, positive patient outcomes and the true needs of patients, health providers and community.

Our Purpose

Founded in 2017, in the heart of the Memphis Medical District, MedHaul had one meet the transportation needs of healthcare's most vulnerable communities.  Equipped with years of experience in Health Informatics, Analytics, and Population Health, MedHaul uses operational and population health data to optimize the patient transportation experience.